Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AIDs in Africa and Jaboya

These videos really show how awful the AIDs epidemic is in Africa. I thought Stephanie Nolan's way of approaching this topic is creative and a good way. It takes us to a personal level so we can make a connection with some of the victims who have a lot of the same problems as millions of other people. I also like he she did not just say this was sad over and over again. She told us the stories about a few heroes who are doing what they can to fight AIDs or just stay a live after this disease has affect there families. Hearing of the two kids who decided to raise themselves amazes me. THeir world is so much different than ours and it just makes me appreciate what I have and where I am from. Also the Politician who was just trying to be peaceful and then got ostracized was a sad story. This guy was just trying to do the right thing and it flipped his whole life upside down. Then he had to watch his wife and child pass away, and instead of being crippled by this tragedy he went out and tried to help and educate others. I was surprised the way his students reacted but that is the reaction they should have had because he is a hero. I think telling stories like this is the right way to go about spreading AIDs awareness.
The Jaboya system appalls me. No one should ever have to live like that. I know we have poor women who are prostitutes right here in our country but, women and girls having sex with men for a few fish is just awful. No one deserves that for any reason. THese girls are having sex with 2-3 men just to get the opportunity to try to sell their fish which is not even guaranteed. No one has condoms and with the AIDs rate so high it is not a question of if these girls will get infected it is a question of when they will. They constantly live in fear. When they do get infected they do not tell anyone because then they will have no possible way to feed themselves or their families. There is no way to stop this epidemic with systems like this continuing to happen. Seeing that fourteen year old girl raise all those kids amazes me, but deeply saddens me. Something needs to change but the people do not even listen to the educators and the only way to stop this is education and people need to start caring.
I think the massive effect of AIDs in Africa is so different than here is because of the poverty, lack of education, and pure desperation of the people in Africa. Also anyone who is infected is too ashamed to tell anyone so they just spread it. Even if they did tell people they have no way to get treated so they will die of hunger or AIDs so they almost cannot tell people. Before these videos I knew it was a big epidemic in Africa but I did not realize how bad it was. I did not realize the social constructs in place that keep this epidemic going. Everyone is affected from rich to poor but no one tells anyone so the virus just spreads over and over. The only way to stop this is education and people starting to care. People need to stop thinking it is a punishment for bad deeds and start listening to the facts. People need to use condoms and get treated and stop ostracizing those infected.

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