Monday, September 12, 2011

Quote from pg 736

    • "On the one side, conservatives pointed to abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality as forces destroying the family. On the other, liberals cited domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports as the key problems afflicting the family.
    I think both sides are trying to point at things that will not offend there constituents. They want to act like they know what is destroying the American and act like they have ways to solve it. It is probably as combination of everything named by both sides plus even more. All of the things named can destroy a family whether it is right or wrong. If someone is homosexual and has an abortion it can break up a family who doesn't believe that is ok. I think those decisions are personal and no one has the right to say if they are right or wrong but some families would break up or get in long term fights over those issues. Financial insecurities always adds more stress and problems to a family. Domestic violence is also never acceptable in a family without there being a problem. 

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